THEME: I Am Omo Yoruba

The purpose of this Festival is to:

  • To create awareness of the beautiful elements of Yoruba Culture to the outside world
  • To Entertain and Educate all other Nationals in the Southern Africa and beyond
  • To propagate the Yoruba Civilization
  • To create awareness on the unique tourists' attractions and Destinations in Yoruba Land, for international appreciation and patronage.
  • To promote peaceful coexistence among the Yoruba people in South Africa and beyond.
  • To promote Yoruba existence in South Africa

The continent of Africa with its varying physical features presents a great diversity of cultures which nevertheless present a unity because of certain underlying features shared by all Africans everywhere on the continent. These include belief in a Supreme Being, respect for the aged and the ancestors, and the importance attached to 'rites of passage' performed at birth, marriage and death etc.

The Yoruba has been referred to as the pace-setter of Nigeria, a tribute to the achievements of her artists, whose creations have touched the sensibility of the world. Apart from being acknowledged as a leader in the realm of culture, the Yoruba also stand supreme in the creation of artists who demonstrate mastery of technique and beauty of form.

As an important stakeholder in Yoruba Culture and Civilization therefore, I am using this opportunity to invite you and your organization to participate in the maiden festival. On behalf of the Festival Central Planning Committee, the Yoruba Community in South Africa, and Impelesi Consultants YOUARE WELCOME to the City of Gold!